What We Offer

Private Pilot

The private pilot flies for personal pleasure and/or for personal business.  The pilot can fly any aircraft for which he/she holds a certificate.

Instrument Rating 

This rating allows the private pilot to fly in inclement weather, fog, clouds, or otherwise low visibility relying on the plane's instrumentation.

High Performance/Complex Endorsement

This endorsement allows the pilot to fly an aircraft with a maximum horsepower rating of more than 200 hp, retractable landing gear, movable flaps and constant speed propeller.

Ground School

Private Pilot Ground School is offered as a six week course covering aeronautical knowledge including subjects like aerodynamics, aircraft systems, weather, FAA regulations, principles of navigation and incident/accident reporting requirements.  Ground school will provide the necessary knowledge for the Private Pilot test at an approved testing center.


The Beech Club offers two types of rental agreements;  member and non-member.  A Membership rental is offered to anyone who is interested in attaining a private pilot's license or currently holds a pilot's license.  Members pay an initial one time buy-in fee, monthly dues and flying time.  Members will be able to access an easy sign-up through online scheduling of aircraft and instructor.  This agreement allows the member to customize the number of hours he/she can afford per month. In addition, there is outside financing which will be made available upon request.  Non-Member rental agreement is an option to any pilot holding a valid pilots license and a current medical certificate. This rental will be billed on an hourly basis.



For more information on The Beech Club and what the Port Meadville Airport has to offer please contact Troy Shearer at 814-282-4884, or Diane Tracy at 814-720-1080. We make it affordable and enjoyable.


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