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The Beech Club, LLC





Article I – Mission Statement

The Beech Club, L.L.C., has been organized for the purpose and vision of bringing together people with a shared interest in flying. From that foundation we intend to create an environment that provides safe, enjoyable, and quality instruction as well as satisfy individual needs in aviation. We shall be diligent in our commitment to helping our members achieve their goals.


Article II - Membership

1. Membership in the The Beech Club is a voluntary privilege. The number of members in the club will be limited to twenty (20) flying members. Individuals must be of good moral character who are responsible and financially able to meet the obligations of the club and have an interest in aviation. Members are entitled to fly the aircraft designated by their instructor consistent with their hours, airmen certificate and medical certificate. All members who have not flown within a three month period (90 days) as PIC are required to contact an instructor for a check ride.

2. Social membership in The Beech Club shall include ten additional members that will be included in the club but will be for social purposes only and will be separate from the flying club membership. The social members will be included in all functions of the club and participate in any club activities.


Article III – Membership Fees

All regular members are required to pay a one time deposit of $600.00. This may be paid in one sum or no more than two consecutive installments with no refunds if the member resigns from the club for any reason.


Article IV – Membership Dues

  1. Monthly dues in the amount of $50.00 and will be used for the fixed costs of the club whereas the flight time rates are intended to cover operational costs as well as maintenance. A $75.00 annual maintenance fee will be assessed yearly in February for each individual as a reserve for general maintenance and updates to the aircraft. Monthly dues and aircraft rates may be changed to reflect operational costs and fuel prices and will be assessed on an “as needed” basis.

  2. Monthly dues and flying time are assessed at the beginning of each month in the form of a statement for the previous month. Payment is expected within fifteen (15) days of the statement. Any member whose unpaid balance goes beyond the next month's billing cycle will be deemed delinquent and will have their flying privileges suspended until the balance is current.

  3. Dues for Social Members shall be $10/year.

  4. The monthly dues of any member may be reduced based on service rendered to the club.

  5. Applicants whom are not approved for any reason will have an immediate return of any and all deposits.

  6. Club members shall exercise discretion and courtesy to other fellow members by not disclosing any personal information as it relates to the club to outside parties. Only when necessary for insurance purposes or similar agencies shall personal information be released by The Beech Club for reasons that are necessary for club operations.

  7. Any PIC under the influence or illegal drugs and/or alcohol shall have their have their membership immediately revoked and will not be entitled to any reimbursements.


Article V – Non-Member Aircraft Rental

A pilot who possesses a current pilots license and medical certificate will be eligible to fly The Beech Club Plane 24002 upon completion of a check ride by the current instructor(s). The cost of the check ride will be incurred by the operator and is a separate fee apart from the plane rental. Before rental the PIC must present a copy of their drivers license, pilots certificate and medical certificate. Non- Member plane rental will be billed at a rate of $150.00/hour. An overnight rental is permissible at a rate of no less than three (3) hours with a week's notification and approval and the plane must be returned within 24 hours. The renter shall incur all off airfield rentals including but not limited to: airport hangar rental, tie down and landing fees. Fuel purchased off field exceeding the cost of fuel at Port Meadville will be reimbursed to the club for the difference. The Beech Club plane may not be used for transporting any illegal substances of any kind.


Article VI – Care and Maintenance

    1. All members and pilots using the plane shall be responsible for its care while in their possession. It is expected after use of the aircraft it is free of any personal items and it is properly stored in the appropriate hangar. The member/pilot shall be also responsible for protecting the aircraft from damage or harm.​
      1. All flight time is to be recorded in the record log book. Name, instructor name, date, Hobbs meter time in/out, total time, fuel consumption, additional notes/problems.

      2. The plane shall be fueled after every flight. A credit card will be made available for fuel purchases at Port Meadville. A fuel receipt must be placed in the plane after each and every purchase. If fuel is purchase outside of Port Meadville at a higher cost the difference shall be the responsibility of the buyer and reimbursed to the Club.

    2. If the aircraft is damaged in any way it is to be recorded in the designated area in the record book, a note placed on the pilots seat in the plane and an instructor notified immediately.


Article VII – Damages and/or Negligence

Should an accident occur resulting in damage to the aircraft it will be determined after thorough investigation if:


    2. it was the result of pilot/member error or negligence or if it was due to equipment failure or an unforeseen event that could not have been avoided by pilot intervention.

Should the findings indicate the pilot/member was in error due to negligence the deductible amount shall be the responsibility of the pilot/member.


Article VIII – High Performance/Complex Endorsement

The Beech Club offers, in addition to your private pilots license, High Performance and Complex Endorsements. This includes familiarization with autopilot, HSI, emergency procedures, speed and engine management and precision handling of the aircraft. The endorsement, depending on proficiency, includes 1-2 hours ground instruction on advanced systems management (hydraulic, pneumatic, fuel, etc.), aircraft performance and air/ground handling. Our aircraft, a 300 horsepower Beechcraft Bonanza with retractable gear, flaps and controllable propeller is both complex and high performance. This allows us to combine endorsements. The rental on this aircraft will be billed at a rate of $215/hour. This rate does not include the instructor's fee which will be billed separately. *No solo rental available.


Article IX- Meetings

Meetings will be held the first Monday of the month at Port Meadville. All members are invited and encouraged to attend. The minutes of the meeting will be posted on the web site as early as possible. This is our club. Take a personal interest in it and it will be successful and enjoyable. Please do not hesitate to mention or introduce an new idea. All input is welcomed


Article X- Officers and Duties

The President shall convene regularly scheduled board meetings, shall preside or arrange for other members to preside at each meeting in the following order: vice-president, secretary, treasurer.


The Vice-President shall chair committees and take over responsibilities when the chair is absent.


The Secretary shall be responsible for keeping records of meetings and board actions. The minutes shall be distributed to all officers and posted on the web site for members.


The Treasurer shall prepare a financial report for each meeting and assist in the preparation of a budget.


The Director shall be responsible for outreach, the website and social events.

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